a new kitchen and a few more minions

Hey there, it has been *ahem* a little while since I’ve written.  I was very ambitious when I planned out my summer market schedule.  My schedule started out with a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and two alternating Sunday markets.  I can admit now that this was a bit over ambitious. It was also cut short when I found out in June that I was pregnant with twins.


Thankfully the curse of first trimester never turned on sweets so I was able to continue cooking for fluffed up right until I closed up shop in October. (don’t worry, fluffed up will be coming back next Summer!)


We could tell at the 12 week ultrasound that these babies are having fun in there. Baby A(the boy) spent the whole time using baby B(the girl) as a trampoline.  Then a few weeks later at the big anatomy ultrasound Baby girl was jumping on Baby boy. 


Now that I’m feeling more and more of their acrobatics I can’t help but wondering what they are doing to each other in there!  I can only imagine the sibling rivalry we’ll face once they are in the real world!


Photo: About 100 days until out babies move into their almost done nursery (Also 100 days until the Olympics so we'll have fun stuff on TV during the no sleep phase)

The nursery set up so far