‘tis the season

I’ve always thought of September as the start of “candy season.” At least one aisle in every store is devoted to the upcoming holiday (and let’s be honest, there is probably an aisle for the one after that…I have seen Cadbury crème eggs in December before) and the treats that aren’t really available year round take center stage.  I’m looking at you candy corns and jelly beans.


I won’t lie, it is kind of fun to be on the selling end of candy season.  Since Dan won’t agree to put up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving (what a grinch), I get to indulge my holiday inclination through the marshmallows.  This year, I got to start “celebrating” in late October by recipe testing holiday flavors before Halloween.


To celebrate Christmas I now have four new holiday flavors for you to try:


Salted Caramel

This creamy flavor is enhanced with a hint of salt to make the flavor more complex.

salted caramel name




This classic holiday drink inspired flavor marries spiced rum and nutmeg to create a delicious dessert or coffee enhancer.eggnog name



This candy cane inspired flavor is as delicious as the crunchy treats

peppermint name


Gingerbread men have never been so fluffy.  These quintessential holiday cookies are as tasty as they are cute.


gingerbread name


These are all delicious by themselves or melted into your favorite hot drink. Try these and our other classic flavors in new shapes and sizes

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