Pumpkin and Brown Butter Sage Muffins

I haven’t had an outdoor job since I lifeguarded and worked at the zoo high school (consecutively, not concurrently) and so it was a rude awakening to start my farmers market career during the hottest month on record.  When I first started planning on doing these markets I had the notion that I wouldn’t need a tent, I’d be ok with a hat and an umbrella if it rains (I was also planning on using my small bistro table from my balcony).  I was convinced to get a tent when I saw a discount 10x10 tent and 6’ table at Aldi.  Together they cost less than a solo tent I could find online so I bought it.


I don’t think I would have survived one market without the tent and the table.  I place the table just inside the tent so that people that are walking by may be tempted by the shade to come and try some ‘mallows.  I think my plan has worked since a lot of people (and their dogs) have sought out my space.  Even if it is just for a chat, it is great to meet so many different people each week and to catch up with the regulars.


Pumpkin Brown Butter Sage Muffins-003


I am looking forward to the fall when the cooler temps will encourage more shoppers to come out and make a day of exploring the market.  I have been pleasantly surprised recently by the chill in the air in the morning.  Is it possible that this August will be the beginning of fall and the lead in to a nice and snowy winter.


And with fall comes cooler weather, soups, winter squash and pumpkins (hmm is that a squash or something else?  Does it get its own category?)  I know that it is not new to love pumpkin but this year I am going to try to find ways to incorporate different Fluffed Up Marshmallows into the pumpkin dishes. Brown Butter Sage Muffins-007


My first attempt was to pair the pumpkin with brown butter sage marshmallows. The muffin recipe, much like the mallow is slightly sweet and slightly savory with a rich buttery finish.  These are definitely not your average pumpkin muffins, they are pumpkin muffins all grown up.  The muffins did not last very long in our house so I’m glad I made a half recipe! 


Go to Fluffed Up Desserts for the recipe.