New Best Friends

Before Dan and I embarked on the great Derecho-induced adventure I spent a week at my sister’s house for the birth of their second daughter.  I am the second girl in my family and so it was fun to watch Keira, the oldest, react to her new baby sister.


Claire Elise-004

The morning we went to the hospital Keira was so excited to see her mom and dad but was a bit confused about what to do with this baby (is it a friend? is it a doll? is it lump? can’t tell yet) 


Claire Elise-019


Now that Claire was out of the crib Keira knew she wanted to play and couldn’t wait to share her new toy with her baby sister.


Claire Elise-022


Sorry Keira, Claire can’t play yet but she would love to watch you! Keira’s wheels starting turning and she came up when a plan.


Claire Elise-1099

Maybe if her hands were free she’d want to play? 


Claire Elise-034

But alas, even after all of that Claire couldn’t keep her eyes open enough to even play dress up doll.  (Thank goodness for the new toy since Claire was definitely not following the plan.)


Claire Elise-1178

She’s not mad, just disappointed.  Once Claire masters lifting her head, she’ll definitely be ready to play.