Land Hurricane


I spent all last week at my big sister’s house.  I now a proud aunt to TWO nieces. Baby Claire was born Sunday, June 24.  More on her later.  Isn’t she beautiful?Claire Elise-053

big sister Keira was very curious about this new addition to her family 


I got home on Friday, a few hours before the DC area was hit with a Derecho, a land hurricane Friday night. We spent a few minutes staring at the sky as it lit up with multiple lightning strikes at each time. It was gorgeous but after about a minute or so the power went out and has not come back since.



Source: Unknown


We are in the last 22% of people to get power back. We feel so special.


The loss of power coincided with record heat.  A candy thermometer measured the apartment at almost 100 degrees.

Mac and cheese balls9

Ahh to remember simpler times…Days with good weather and power


We have slept in 5 different places in 5 nights.  In that time, We’ve spent the night in at home in 90 degree heat covered in wet washcloths, with three friends in their (also powerless) cool basement and in two different hotel rooms.


We lost a ton of food. I had been saving worcestershire sauce, chicken stock, whey, and citrus zest. On the bright side our fridge has never been so clean.

365 Day 17-Yellow


I can’t help but obsessively charge my phone, even in the hotel room. My droid has served us as a flashlight, entertainment while we hop between a/c locations, email/twitter/facebook to vent stay connected, BGE stalker, and as a phone.  What would we have done without smartphones?  Heck, what would we have done without cell phones?4ff1f6cbdbba7.image

I think we have identified the offender (source)

I’ve taken a page out of Little House on the Prairie and did some laundry in our sink the other night. Klassy.


On an unrelated note: Panera now offers a Lobster roll. Sounds a little better than McD’s lobster roll but I’m still suspicious.


Dan and I aren’t usually great at seeing movies but we have now seen Moonrise Kingdom, Safety Not Guaranteed, the Reader and the Muppets.  Next on my list is Magic Mike.  It’s all about balance.