Bacon Popcorn

I love popcorn.  Like a lot.  When I was living alone and poor I would sometimes have a bag of microwave popcorn as my dinner.  It helped to add variety to my usual dinner of ramen and beans and rice.  Grad school was a bit of a culinary wasteland. 


bacon popcorn3bacon popcorn1


My taste buds and wallet have grown up, at least a little bit but my love of popcorn continues.  Instead of microwave bags, I make plain popcorn in my air popper or on the stovetop.  My creativity got a boost when I saw a recipe about bacon popcorn. I had to make it, how can something made with bacon fat not be amazing? I brought it to a friends house one night and was delighted to see it gone by the time we got home.


bacon popcorn2

Bacon Fat Popcorn

Be sure to mark that it is made with bacon fat.  The flavor is subtle enough for someone to think “Wow I love this flavor” but not realize that they are eating bacon.



3 Tablespoons Bacon Fat

1/2 cup popping corn



Heat the oil in a 4 Quart saucepan, add in three kernels of popcorn and heat it up over medium until the kernels pop.  Once the kernels start popping add the rest of the popcorn.  Shake the pan and cook until the popping delays until one or two seconds elapses between pops.  I was able to store it over night