Duck Donuts

If I’ve learned anything from watching hours and hours of The Soup (aside from how much crap gets put on TV), it’s that semi-mythical mammals like Bigfoot (and probably ghosts, too), can be lured out of hiding by the same types of foods that would attract, say, Homer Simpson. Enter Duck Donuts, a delicious purveyor of sweet and tasty treats.

duck donuts6


One of my goals on our vacation in the Outer Banks was to have a close encounter of the dolphin kind. I have always felt a kinship with these magical beasts since my sister wished upon a star that I would be born with a bottlenose of my own. She didn’t get her wish, but I have always had a bit of dolphin spirit in me.


duck donuts5


Another valuable lesson from The Soup is that no creature will trust something if it doesn’t see a human eating it too (If only Snow White was as smart). Therefore we took it upon ourselves to taste a few donuts to show them that they are ok to eat. So we got down to it.


duck donuts2


I demonstrated the safety of a maple bacon donuts and glazed donuts. Dan took it upon himself to be the guinea pig for the Chocolate with Chocolate Sprinkles and Vanilla and shredded coconut.


duck donuts3


Our first stakeout was a moderate success, after a few hours of intense watching we saw the first block fin pop out of the water. Score!


Beach Photos-107


One sighting was amazing but not enough.  I needed to go out again and get more proof.  On our second venture we got more of the same donuts and prepared to wait all day for them to come out.


Beach Photos-105


We sat and sat and then…pay dirt. We got incontrovertible truth, dolphins exist in the wild!




I tried to join them, I have no idea how they swim that fast with all of those donuts in their bellies, sure did slow me down!