Awful Arthurs

I love going to the beach in the off season.  The weather is cooler, the crowds aren’t quite as dense, and houses are far more affordable, even when they are only steps from the beach.  (After repeated and highly scientific measurements, we determined that our house was between twenty and a hundred steps from the ocean, depending on the tide).  Our timing for our most recent trip was perfect.  It was just us and the pelicans (and the dolphins!) enjoying the sun and the surf.  The weather was comfortable enough to spend the days on the beach catching some rays and the nights with the windows open listening to the waves.  Now that school and triathlons are no longer setting our schedule, I think more off season trips are in our future.


2012-05-04_18-06-16_94 (1)

You can barely see them but there are about 30 pelicans flying over the waves in this pic


Of course, we had to eat somewhere, and we both wanted to get some crabs.  A friend told me about this place called Awful Arthurs but warned me in the same breath that it was always packed.  Enter our senior citizen vacation schedule, riding to the rescue!  (Our senior citizen eating schedule – dinner at 5:30 – probably didn’t hurt either).  Though the place was still almost packed owing to some sort of biker convention, we got a table almost immediately.


Awful Arthurs1


The restaurant itself is in a long and skinny building across the street from the beach.  There weren’t many windows or much of a view in the main dining room but there is a second floor bar that offers ocean views.  The people watching was one of the best parts of it all.


Awful Arthurs2


We were entertained by our neighbors while we were enjoying steamed oysters, clams, shrimp and snow crab legs.  It seems like biking conventions are much like other conventions, scheduled events and tons of gossip.  Our neighbors were enjoying the gossip part of the schedule are were going on about how the biking culture is being coopted by rich doctors and lawyers who shipped their bikes instead of driving all the way to the beach. Those posers! 


We had such a good time that we decided to go again on our last night, unfortunately we didn’t follow our senior citizen rule and ended up taking the food to go.