While we were in the Outer Banks we decided to take a part of a day and drive out to the most northern point to see the wild horses.   Alas, we saw no wildlife other than dive-bombing butterflies. 


With the wildlife sightings failed we decided to head to dinner right away instead of going out of our way to go back home.  Alas, it was 5pm and we even beat the other senior citizens to Aqua.  It was a little too warm outside to sit in the direct sun and so we sat inside along the wall of windows overlooking the bay. 


My friend Annissa suggested we go to Aqua because of the corn and lump crab soup with truffle oil drizzle.  And so we decided to share it as our appetizer.  This could have probably been a good meal paired with a salad. The sweet corn was the star of the show but it didn’t overwhelm the crab. The truffle oil was added with a light touch.  Our waiter admitted that at the end of the night he takes a cup and drinks it straight. 



The waiter also suggested the aqua bangin’ shrimp that was advertised as being lightly fried & tossed in aqua’s spicy mayo.  This was a little more fried than I thought but was extremely flavorful.  The mayo even got the Dan-I hate Mayo-MacKenzie’s stamp of approval. 




Dan ordered the steak frites for his entrée.  The flat iron steak was paired with truffle and parmesan pommes frites, kale, and a red wine reduction.  The second I tasted the kale it reminded me of my grandmothers cooking and it was confirmed by the waiter to have been cooked with bacon fat. The steak was perfectly cooked, but the truffle and parmesan french fries where down right addicting with just enough truffle oil to add the earthy goodness.




Aqua was very different than Awful Arthurs but just as satisfying of a meal.  We were three for three for our OBX dining choices, rarely do we go on vacation without a misstep.  Thank you Annissa for your recommendation!!