Ted’s Bulletin

One of the bonuses of moving is that now we can try a whole new set of restaurants.  Unfortunately they are no longer a short walk away, and thanks to excessive metro track work it can take almost an hour to get downtown DC.  However, it is worth it to meet up with old friends and eat delicious food.


After a long metro ride that included long waits and at one point, the slamming of the breaks and horn (who knew that the metro train drivers got road rage, track rage?) my friend and I were ready to chow down on a big brunch at the acclaimed Ted’s Bulletin.  We made the best of an hour long wait and took a walk in the Eastern Market neighborhood.


Ted’s Bulletin’s entices customers with the pastry chef making homemade poptarts in the front window. We were seated in the back room and the centerpiece is a really big skylight that brightens up the entire place.  We were seated in a small booth on the side with a good view of the comings and goings.


The upscale diner food all seemed tempting and we debated between breakfast and lunch.  My friend ended up splitting the difference and getting the 7:00 AM Breakfast Burger. I’m glad I took a picture when I did because it quickly looked like a hot mess.  The English muffin was great but barely held its own with all of the goopiness from the fried egg. This definitely turned into a knife and fork burger.




I was definitely in the breakfast camp for this meal.  Some days a basic breakfast is all I want and so I ordered Mark on an off Day (his normal day was way too much food for me).  With it I got two over medium eggs, bacon, hash browns and I ordered a blueberry pop tart.  I couldn’t resist the famous pop tarts that I have been hearing about.




The breakfast was delicious. The eggs were perfect runniness, bacon and hash browns picked up all of the runny yolk.  The pop tart was quite delicious, although I’m not sure that I need to order it again, it was tasty, but more of a novelty purchase.


Ted’s Bulletin was a great way to spend a sunny Saturday morning and I’ll definitely go back, I think I need to try one of their burgers!