Party Recap

I want to be the Barefoot Contessa.  She is so effortless with her parties while I spend half the time in the kitchen with my face turning redder by the minute.  It’s one thing to cook one elaborate dish without a firm deadline but when it comes to having a hot meal ready for my guests I always make an error in timing and end up with cold food or a late meal.


I was determined that Dan’s party would be low stress.  Since Dan’s favorite foods are pizza and chocolate I decided it would be make your own pizza night.  That way I wouldn’t be slaving over the stove all night.  I also asked the guests to bring a favorite chocolate dish.  Before the party started I rolled out the pizza dough and set them aside on a individual pieces of parchment paper and chopped the toppings and put them in separate bowls.


Dan Party1


It took a bit of time to get the mise en place all together but it was worth it when during the party all I had to do was direct people and set the timer on the oven.


Dan Party3


There were a few things I would change for next time.  Everyone brought enough dessert to feed the entire party and so we have chocolate for the next few months.  Instead I should have suggested that people either bring a drink, a pizza topping or a chocolate dessert.  That way there would have been more selection.  The other thing that I would have done was test run of baking the dough without the pizza stone.  I found out a little late that it didn’t cook as fast as it usually did.


Dan Party2


It was such a fun night and was great to have our friends over to our new place for the first time.  Now that Dan is an “old man” too maybe he’ll stop teasing me for my age?