Grill Fish

As I said, April is an interesting month. We host our first party in the new apartment.  I’m about to reunite with my college roommates and I finally got together with some old friends. I’ve lived here for four months and haven’t had a chance to see them.  It’s crazy how far away everything is here since the traffic is so bad.  In Denver, everything was far away mileage wise but not too bad.

Well last night we met up for drinks at Hudson's lounge.  After a few drinks and a long discussion if we could sneak into the catered party in the private room we decided not to party crash and find dinner elsewhere.

For some reason Wednesday night was hopping!  We hit it big at our second stop, Grill Fish (which I kept thinking was Go Fish).

The restaurant was dark and packed and had a Romanesque feel to it, complete with melty candles.  We were having so much fun that our neighboring table was totally jealous of us.  We were also having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures of my meal.

I did take a picture of my apple and pear salad with frizzled parsnips salad.  I was so curious about frizzled parsnips that I had to try it out, basically it was grated parsnips that were fried.  Great flavor.  I could have done with more pears though.



We all got seafood entrees (two shrimp pastas, one grilled salmon and a crab cake…guess who ordered the crab cake?!) All of the plates were cleaned at the end of the night and we were all happy with our choices.


All together it was a great meal and great friends.  Let’s not wait 4 more months to get back together!