Belga Cafe

I have been on a brunch kick lately.  It seems like an ideal time to meet friends for some girl talk.  A few weeks ago my old roommate and I met at Belga Café in the Eastern Market area.  The Dining room was compact but even though there wasn’t much space to move around it did not feel cramped.  The wait staff was efficient and we were out of there in less than an hour.


Becca knew what she wanted immediately, the liege waffles with caramelized apples and cinnamon.  This was light but decadent and the right amount of food for a mid morning meal.



I did not make the same good decision.  My dish was an example of how there is sometimes too much of a good thing. I ordered the wafel met eend a l’orange.  In english, that is the crispy sage waffle with duck confit, orange, carrots, ginger and a poached egg.





I would like to say that while I did not enjoy the dish as a whole, the execution of the sage waffles demonstrated the skill of the chef. They were crispy and had enough sage flavor that I knew I was eating something delicious and different, but not overwhelming. When I ordered the dish, I expected a small piece of duck, I did not expect a skillet filled with orange sauce or that much duck.  The orange sauce was too sweet and not only did it make the carrots inedible, I lost most of the egg.  The duck was cooked perfectly but the skin had to be discarded.  II’d like to end this review on a high note and say that the sage waffles need to become a thing.  They will probably shine in a near future baking experiment!