Sophomore Slump

Sometimes I feel like a culinary midas.  I’ve made fudge, caramels, puff pastry, popovers, gougeres and the first time I made each recipe it worked like a dream.  I won’t lie, I kind of thought I was awesome.  This was until I attempted each recipe a second time and it went all wrong.




Does this happen to anyone else? The first few times I make a recipe I study it intensely to make sure that I get all of the steps right. The second time I feel confident, only referring to the recipe once or twice. Not surprisingly, something many things go wrong. I try to make up for it-sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. 




Last night was no different.  I was preparing a three course meal for Valentine’s day and since I had cooked squid on Sunday I was sure I’d be able to duplicate the success.  Unfortunately, I didn’t study last night’s recipe enough and I messed up.


Since I am used to eating squid in rings I went ahead and cut it into pieces.  It wasn’t until I was in the middle of the recipe that I realized that I was supposed to be cooking squid fillets.  Oops.  To make matters worse, there were not many other edible portions to the dish.  The jalapenos and garlic were left whole, and the lemon maintained all of its lip-puckering bitterness.  As a result, our dinner consisted of a few rubbery squid rings and pan-fried breadcrumbs.




I have a thing or two to learn about cooking squid!  Thankfully, the rest of dinner was good.