Jarlsberg Dip Sliders and a Giveaway

I love cheese.  Maybe a little too much since we have about eight types of cheese in our fridge.  That’s why I jumped on the offer from Kitchen Play to be one of 29 bloggers to participate in 29 days of Jarlsberg Dip


The first thing I noticed when I opened up the cheese was that it wasn’t a smooth cream but instead a mixture of shredded Jarlsberg and diced red onion.  One look at the dip and I decided that I need to make it into grilled cheese.


  Jarlsberg Dip2Jarlsberg Dip1


I am a grilled cheese fanatic.  For me the key to a good grilled cheese is for it to be super melty, and this dip was the perfect combination of ingredients for maximum melty-ness. 


The dip is a little nutty and a little tangy so I decided that I needed to make sliders to taste test a few different sweet accompaniments.  I bought a fresh French baguette and decided to use some white truffle oil instead of butter. As a note: the most complicated part of putting these together was flipping them, I ended up using a silicon spatula and a spatula-turner to grab each side of the sandwich and flipped it mid air and slid it on the un-grilled side.  Of course this wouldn’t be such a problem if you use regular-sized bread. Jarlsberg Dip6


Grilled Jarlsberg Dip Sliders

Trial #1: Just Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg Dip14

Delicious, it was gooey and a little tangy.   This is a much quicker sandwich than it would be if it were a solid cheese.  If you are a grilled cheese purist then this is your sandwich.


Trial #2: Grape Tomatoes

Jarlsberg Dip11


This was my second favorite combination.  I even tried it twice.  Tomatoes hold up well to the heat and are a good foil to the warm and melty cheese.  I don’t know a better way to put it but the tomatoes seem cold and wet, even after grilling and I love this combination.


Trial #3:Macintosh Apple and Granny Smith ApplesJarlsberg Dip8


I had high hopes for both apple combos and mistakenly thought that there would be a difference between a sweeter and a tarter apple.  Unfortunately, I don’t think these apples held up as well being heated.  The warmed up apples almost disappeared against the cheese. 


 Trial #4: Blackberry PreservesJarlsberg Dip13


After the trial with the apples I thought I’d go for a stronger flavor and try some preserves.  I started with the blackberry preserves thinking that the extreme sweetness would be a good foil.  I enjoyed the sweet and savory combination but thought the blackberries were a little too sweet.


Trial #5: Apricot Preserves-WINNERJarlsberg Dip12


This combination was perfect.  The apricot was sweet but not too sweet and it highlighted the tang and creaminess of the cheese.  Also, the truffle oil shined on this dish.  It disappeared on all of the other sandwiches.  Therefore, it was the clear winner.  I am planning on making this again stat.  yum.



Now for the giveaway.  Jarlsberg is giving away a tailgate tote.  For all of the details on how to enter, visit the Jarlsberg blog. The giveaway will include a tailgate tote stocked with:
Jarlsberg Lite Cheese
Jarlsberg Cheese Dip
Snofrisk (a Norwegian style cream cheese)
Honey crèmes
Honey vinegar


Go to the Jarlsberg Tailgate Tote GIVEAWAY and enter for your chance to win! 


Disclaimer: The folks over at Kitchen Play were kind enough to invite me to participate in this event with Jarlsberg cheese and compensated me for the cost of the ingredients. As always all opinions are mine. I can’t pass up a chance to try new foods!