2012 is a big year for our families. My older sister is having a baby in June (my second niece!)  Dan’s little brother gets married in August and then my little sister gets married in September.  I’m so glad that we live close to everyone and can join in all of the celebrations along the way.  Last week Dan’s little brother and fiancé were in town wedding planning and my in-laws hosted a brunch so the whole family can get together.



See all of that golden shininess-that is what egg was does


I had been wanting to make croissants for a long time but the three plus sticks of butter have kept me from making them.  However, a brunch with all five MacKenzie men present gave me an opportunity to try out this decadent treat. 



No egg wash=no shine

I was amazed by how much easier these were than the puff pastry I made a few years ago.  Probably because my new home is kept at a balmy 64 degrees and so the butter didn’t melt much. 



I had to take a bite…for science

In addition to the temperature helping out, Tracey’s Culinary Adventures has a fantastic tutorial on making croissants.  Instead of recreating her tutorial I’m just going to point you to her blog: Croissant Step by Step.  I also made about 24 croissants, not the 12 that Tracey made.  I mean health food is just regular food made smaller, right?



So many layers of buttery deliciousness

Commitment Level:  Croissants require a lot of advanced planning, clean counter space and open fridge space (also recommend not having anything strong smelling in the fridge).  However, most of the time is spent hands off letting the dough rest or chill.  These are good to make (even the night before if you can plan that far ahead!) and bring to someone’s house since they are delicious at room temperature.  (just make sure that they don’t look too perfect, you want everyone to know you made them by hand!)