Clever Uses for Whey?

This year, I’ve made it my goal to stop wasting so much food.  All too often in the past, we’ve bought ingredients (or gotten five million zucchini and cucumbers from our CSA) and failed to finish them before the expiration date had passed.  (Where is Sneak some Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch Day when you need it?  That’s a real day.  August 8.  Google it.)


Anyway, now that we are starting fresh with an empty fridge, I’m dedicated to keeping the ingredients we buy moving into our bellies and not the trash can.  This means that we probably won’t try another CSA, and I also need to break myself of the habit of stocking up on perishable ingredients. 


zucchini crisps1buttercup squash38

This zucchini recipe is probably one the most popular on my blog.  Oh the irony.  I found no pictures of cucumbers so this buttercup squash is standing in.  It was much more delicious than a cucumber, though.


Finishing up veggies (other than the previously mentioned offenders) is pretty easy.  I just toss them into a salad or an omelet and the problem is solved.  I’m also batting 1000 with meats.  I’ve roasted a chicken, made chicken stock and used it in subsequent recipes, and uncooked leftover meat has gone straight into the freezer.  Our dairy supplies require a little more creativity, but so far I’ve finished everything with time to spare.  I particularly enjoy turning leftover heavy cream into ricotta cheese (although it was tempting to re-test a microwave caramel recipe that I want to post soon).




But that brings me to my conundrum.  After making all of this ricotta, I have tons of whey left over and no idea what to do with it.  I’ve always thought the whey was kind of gross, but when I finished making the ricotta this time, I dipped a spoon in it and discovered that it had the same delicious flavor profile as the cheese.  So now I’m motivated to use it somehow.  If Dan were still training, I could probably make him a protein shake or a smoothie, but neither of us is a big smoothie drinker anymore.  As for other ideas, I’m stumped.   I don’t really want to throw it out though, since that seems like such a waste.   Does anyone out there have any good ideas?