The Civic Saga

I think I block out how much it takes to move, especially between states.  I have finally figured out all of the finances, hung the photos and unpacked all of the boxes.  All I had left was to register my car and get a new drivers license.  I wouldn’t lie, I was hoping to lose a few pounds in my face before I had to pose for a new picture.365 Day 17-Yellow


Alas, my 60 days were running out and so I got started with the process.  I started compiling all of the required documents and realized that I’d need to get my car inspected.  I ended up taking it to two different locations both with pretty high estimates of what it would cost to get it to pass inspection.  With the repairs and inspection completed I headed down to the DMV all ready to go.  After a small mound of paperwork the teller told me that since I had registered my car in the state before I didn’t need to get it inspected again.  DOH!

365 Day 28-backlighting


In other news, I bought a baby hyacinth a few weeks ago and I’ve kept it alive.  It actually started blooming this week.  It’s the longest I’ve kept a potted plant alive!  I am also working on keeping two basil plants going, I’ve trimmed both for pesto and they’re still alive.  I’m hoping my days of plant killing are over!  My next project is to take the plants outside and see if I can make them survive out there!



365 Day 23-Favorite Veggie