There is Pho in Denver

Dan and I were a little late to the Modern Family party, but when we got the DVDs of the first season from Netflix (back when Netflix charged a flat fee for DVDs and streaming), we blew through them in a day or two.  In one of the first episodes, maybe the pilot, Cam and Mitchell took their adopted Vietnamese daughter to a doctor who was also Asian.  I don’t remember much about the storyline except that she said repeatedly that there was no Pho in Denver.

Well, Modern Family, boy are you wrong!  I hadn’t really been looking for Vietnamese restaurants, but then one opened up in a formerly doomed storefront near my office.  The last store, a coffee shop/candy store, lasted only a few months and didn’t really get many visitors. 

Thankfully for the new owners, the Pho restaurant, Pho-Natic, is much more popular, probably because it is the only sit-down Asian restaurant in the area.  Not only are the dishes delicious, but the service is really fast.  I’ve been back several times now, and I order the combination noodle bowl almost every time.  It’s a little bit of everything - pork, beef, spring rolls and shrimp - and a great way to fill up if you’ve had a small breakfast!
So, yes, doctor on Modern Family, there is Pho in Denver. Admittedly, this dish is not Pho, but we’ve had the beef Pho here as well and it was delicious, just not pictured.  (It was a little bit camera shy.  We’re working on it).
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