The Kitchen

You might be wondering if this post is going to be about my new kitchen.  (Which is approximately 100% more awesomer than my old kitchen).  However, you would be wrong.  Before we left Colorado, Dan and I made one last trip to Boulder to go on a hike and to visit The Kitchen, a restaurant I’d been wanting to try for a long time. 

I’ve gone out to eat in Boulder many times with the intention of going to The Kitchen, but every time I’ve been drawn away to Salt or The Kitchen Next Door.  Since I knew this was my last chance, I stayed focused this time. 

We had just hiked up a mountain (well, okay, I guess it was more like a big hill, and we didn’t quite make it to the top), so we both had worked up an appetite by the time we got to the restaurant a little after 11 am.  The lunch options tempted us (specifically, the lamb burger), but we both opted for their breakfast.  I decided to try out the Long Family Farm ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, challah and house potatoes.  The dish was delicious, but the egg was overcooked, which was a disappointment because I just love a runny egg. The flavors all worked nicely together, though, and the challah was the perfect vehicle to sop up all of the hollandaise, although I thought they were a little too generous with the sauce.

The Kitchen-676

Dan chose the Northern Lights Smoked Salmon, which came with scrambled eggs, chive cream cheese, grilled bread, arugula and capers.  He avoided the capers but ate up the rest of the breakfast quickly..  In between bites he told me that he used to have smoked salmon all the time in college.  I had no idea that he liked smoked salmon. I guess I’m still learning things about him 6 years later.  I have made a mental note that this is something we’ll have to add to our morning repertoire in the future.

The Kitchen-358
In the end, both of us enjoyed our meals, but we were a little underwhelmed.   The place didn’t leave as lasting of an impression as either Salt or The Kitchen [Next Door] did, but I’m glad we’ve finally been!

To top off our trip in Boulder, we stopped in at a store on Pearl Street and got a  cookbook that features recipes from Colorado restaurants. This way I can bring the restaurants we’ve come to love to the suburbs of D.C. I’m well aware that D.C. is home to some of the best restaurants in the country, but since we won’t be living downtown, we won’t have the same access.
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