Head cook

After we arrived in Maryland, Dan and I were eager to find our new home and settle into our new routine.  For Dan that meant starting a 9-5 job.  He was eager to transfer all of the household duties to me while I look for a new job.  While I had been having fun challenging myself as a cooking weekend warrior, I realize now that I have not given Dan enough credit for what it takes to clean the house, run the errands and put a complete dinner on the table every night. Hours seem to slip by and dishes pile up every time I turn around. How do dishes pile up that fast?

It doesn't help that I've started some baking experiments to test our new stove and altitude. Unfortunately the baking success luck that I had in Denver has not yet found me in Maryland. Apparently I can't make dinner and fudge at the same time. I am slowing down my multitasking in an effort to re-hone my skills so that my experiments will be good enough to be shared with Dan's coworkers and not just into our bellies!
arugula pesto5arugula pesto7

These pictures are for an arugula pesto recipe but I realized that we didn't take any measurements the first time we made it. I'll have to try it again and report back with a good recipe. My next fun project...fudge perfection...stay tuned!