Buon Amici

One of the problems of living halfway across the country was that we didn't get to see my niece grow up.  Her personality grows by leaps and bounds every time we see her, and we're anxious to get to know her at each of these stages.

I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Spielberg
Before we moved back east, we got glimpses of her through calls with my sister, texts and emailed anecdotes.  I was on the phone with my sister on a cool fall evening when she started to talk to Keira about eating her carrots.  There were a few digressions about their visit to the library and the adventures of Bosco, her stuffed dog, but I was able to gather that Keira did not particularly want to eat her carrots.  Instead, she wanted pizza from her favorite pizza joint,  Buon Amici.  It’s hard to blame her.  I would probably choose pizza over carrots, too, and the Buon Amici pizza was pretty tasty.
boun amici-180336
I went there the last time I was in Williamsburg, when my dad and stepmother, Barbara, were also in town.  We all had such fun watching Keira try to become friends with the children at the neighboring tables (and some a little further away than that).  She’s definitely quite an outgoing girl.  Oh, and I had a couple of yummy slices of jalapeno and sausage pizza, too. boun amici-180346

The conversation with my sister and Keira encouraged me to get back to Williamsburg as soon as I could.  Not for the pizza necessarily (although it was very tasty), but to hang out with Keira and to see what a cool girl she’s becoming!  I have to say, raising a toddler sounds exhausting, but as a bystander, it’s very entertaining.

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