365 Photo Project

In addition to working on my cooking skills, I’d like to use my newfound spare time to improve my photography.  I wasn’t sure where to start before I learned about a 365 photo project being hosted by



Day 1: Windows in a building on my Dad’s train set


The daily assignments started to come while I was visiting my Dad last week.  I didn’t have my camera and so I was left taking pictures with my Droid.  I looked through all of the photos other people posted on Facebook and I was inspired by the talent.  (Sorry to Facebook friends that noticed that my recent activity has gone up-anyone know how I can hide comments and like’s from my newsfeed?)


Day 2: Clouds at sunset from my Dad’s backyard

The accountability of posting my photos on Facebook has made me think about this project and not just go through the motions.


2012-01-25_11-35-02_602012-01-26_13-14-14_4382012-01-27_11-28-19_958 (1)

Day 3:texture on leaf at Bronx Zoo           Day 4: Water at Compo beach         Day 5: Symmetrical train tracks

Now that I am home with my regular equipment I really need to step up my game!  I’m looking forward to having this accountability and structure added to my daily routine.


365- Day 6 Winter-002

Day 6: Winter may stop me from starting an outdoor garden but I have started on an indoor one!

What are you trying to improve this year?