Time to make the donuts

Does anyone remember that Dunkin Donuts commercial from the 80s?  It made a cameo in The Wedding Singer, which is probably why I remember it!  I love using this phrase when I really need to buckle down and get something done.

vanilla donuts16vanilla donuts6


As if Christmas season wasn’t busy enough, Dan and I are about to move across the country again.  He got a great job in the Washington, DC area, our old hometown, and so we’ve packed up our lives and  and driving over the mountains and through the woods to our new/old home in D.C.  We’re really excited about this move and being closer to our East Coast-based friends and family.  I don’t yet have a job lined up so I’m excited to spend more time on my photography and cooking while I look!


vanilla donuts1


I won’t lie, it is hard to leave Denver, we’ve made some great friends here and I will never have a view like this again.  Denver Snow Day2


Oh Denver, you’ll be missed, But we can’t wait to see you D.C.! Gotta go-It’s time to make the donuts!