Satchel’s on 6th

On our way to Barolo Grill, I noticed Satchel’s on 6th and made a mental note to visit that restaurant, too.  Lucky for me, my friend Sarah recommended Satchel’s for our next get together.  Her mother-in-law lives near the chef, so she’s had a few opportunities to try his cooking.

The restaurant wasn’t too crowded, and we found a table easily.  While we waited for our other friend to show up, we ordered a few glasses of wine and an appetizer, goat cheese sticks with duck confit on top of charred tomato sauce.  Fried goat cheese doesn’t get soft and gooey like cheddar or mozzarella, so we were able to cut the sticks into individual bites without getting melted cheese everywhere.  The duck confit was a welcome surprise in the middle of the stick.

I couldn’t decide on a dinner, so I went with a salad and a small plate instead.  Both were easy choices.  For the small plate I ordered the mac n cheese with duck confit.  As you might have noticed, I’m on a duck kick, and since we don’t make it at home, I try to have it out as much as possible. The duck was not quite as tender as I’d like, but the dish was still delicious.


To accompany the mac n cheese, I chose the mixed greens salad.  It was topped with caramelized pistachios, dried cherries, cambazola cheese (a soft blue veined cheese), slices of apples, and a touch of maple balsamic vinaigrette.  This salad was light and sweet and was more like dessert than dinner, which was just fine for this sweet toothed girl!


We ended up closing down the joint but received no hints or pushes from the staff to leave.  This place really is a neighborhood gem.  I’m hoping to come back some time and try Satchel’s brunch.  I bet it is at least as good as the dinner.
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