A few weeks after we moved to Colorado, Dan and I went to a friend’s party at Delight, the companion bar to Deluxe.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and heard good things about the food next door, but we didn’t manage to come back and try it until a Groupon popped up.  For once, the Groupon was worth the money.

Deluxe is a small and rustic space, with an open kitchen and a northern wall of distressed brick from whatever was there before.  We sat next to the window that looked out onto Broadway, which was a very good place to people watch. During dinner we saw yuppies, hipsters and even a guy in a white, sleeveless undershirt, tighty whities and a bear mask/hat. 

The people watching was fun, but the food was better.  We started the night with grilled bread topped with grated parmesan.IMG_20110615_192809

For an appetizer, we ordered a grilled artichoke with lemon truffle aioli.  The artichoke was a little greasy but definitely craveworthy.  For the first time ever, Dan helped himself to a few pieces.  He usually scoffs when I eat artichokes at home.  I guess it’s easier when someone else cooks/cleans the artichoke for you.

For my entrée, I followed the recommendation of the waitress and went with the ravioli stuffed with spring peas and ricotta, topped with balsamic, asiago cheese and pine nuts.


Dan had the striped bass with  tomatoes, olives, capers, basil and potatoes in a light broth.  He enjoyed this dish but preferred mine.  I can’t say I’m surprised.

We liked the place so much that we went back a few weeks later when my dad was in town.  Score one for Groupon.

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