I have admitted to grouponitis, but sometimes a really good deal actually does show up.  A few months ago, Living Social had a deal on TAG, a really popular restaurant in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver.  We kept saving this for a special night, but when the expiration date neared, Dan and I decided to make a special night of a random Wednesday.

It had finally turned to fall, so we enjoyed a leisurely walk downtown and arrived at TAG just before 5:30.  There were only a few tables filled so we got a nice table in the center of a restaurant with a view of the kitchen and of the bar. 

We often split an appetizer and a main dish and decided to do that again.  I ordered the Kobe beef sliders, which were topped with gorgonzola aioli and accompanied by duck fat fries.  I loved the burgers, but since Dan did not, I got two!  The duck fat fries were the highlight of the evening, though.  They were crispy, salty and a little bit sweet. IMG_20110907_175145

Dan ordered the Hangar steak with truffled herb salad, fingerling potatoes, gorgonzola and balsamic miso syrup for dinner.  I only got a bite, since Dan was enjoying the dish too much to share.  He says that the steak was cooked perfectly and the salad matched very well.


TAG was smart to list desserts on the dinner menu.  We couldn’t help but look at them while we decided on dinner.  We quickly decided that we needed to try the olive oil cake with candied cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomato sorbet, and a black pepper tuile.

We chose this because it was different and interesting, and the dish delivered.  It was a very different dessert than we were used to.  The candied cherry tomatoes tasted just like regular tomatoes.  The olive oil cake was a little dry, but it worked well with the tomato sorbet.  The sorbet was bursting with tomato flavor and was an interesting combination of sweet and savory.  The tuile had a hint of pepper but was predominantly sweet.

Overall, The whole meal was tasty, but the highlight was definitely those duck fat fries.  Does anyone else make them like this with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of salty?
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