Westword Dish

So much of what Dan and I do is inspired by a daily deal site.  This one was for the Westword Dish event hosted by Westword.  I saw the half price deal on Westword and immediately purchased it.  Unfortunately, a week or two later Westword posted another daily deal for a VIP pass to the same event.  There was no way to upgrade the ticket I already purchased.  Not Cool Westword, not cool.

We arrived right as the doors opened and quickly scanned the map to plot our way most efficiently through the different food stands.  The first few were nothing special, but once we rounded the corner to Beatrice and Woodsley it all changed.


Beatrice and Woodsley was serving two types of lemon and goat ricotta beignets.  I tried the Garlic and Caramel beignet (the other was smoked cayenne jelly).  I expected this to be savory but the caramel was so strong that it was really sweet.


Another item I was intrigued by was the pig trotters (they are what they sound like) from Colt and Grey, but I didn’t get a picture of them. I did get to take a picture of the sticky toffee cupcakes with a vanilla bourbon frosting. This was Dan’s second favorite food of the evening (his favorite thing was an unpictured watermelon lemonade that he went back for thirds on.)


I love Snooze, but their dish was meh. It was a taleggio deviled egg mousse-stuffed prosciutto pillow with butter aioli, balsamic reduction and micro-arugula on a ciabatta crostini.  The prosciutto tasted a little sour, which was unfortunate because I was looking forward to the dish a lot!

The final dish that I took a picture of was from Euclid Hall.  They served pretzel bread (I took two pieces) and two types of sausage - short-rib beef kielbasa and uncensored hoppwurst.  They were such small bites, but I enjoyed them both.  I think Dan and I will have to check out Euclid Hall soon!

It got so dark that I couldn’t take any more pictures, but we stood in line for like 45 minutes for Biker Jim’s.  We tried the wild boar and the pheasant.  Both were good, but I keep wanting to try the rattlesnake. 

Overall we had a good time.  However, events like these don’t usually do justice to the restaurants that are featured.  Too much is cooked in bulk in substandard cooking conditions.  In conclusion, I don’t think that it was worth the full price and I’d want to warn people coming next year that there is no free water there so bring your own!