Sargento Cheese Tasting

I have been having so much fun baking, but the more I bake, the more I realize that I need to share the food with other people.  I shared a lot of the food with my family in early August, but when I wanted to bake again, Dan and I decided to invite some very hungry triathlon and running friends over for dinner.

This dinner party also coincided  with an opportunity I got through Foodbuzz to host a taste testing party for Sargento cheeses*.  We decided to get some slices of cheddar because it would not only be good on crackers but also on the burgers that we were going to have as our main course.
cheese tasting1
As far as crackers, the pairing option was a no-brainer.  I have recently discovered 34 degree crackers, made with natural ingredients by a local Denver cracker company, and eat them whenever I can.  This time I went with rosemary, my favorite flavor.  cheese tasting5

I thought that I’d be distracted during the party, so I took these pictures (and maybe a few samples) before our guests arrived. I could definitely taste a difference between the cheeses, at least when they were by themselves. The Sargento had a bit more complex flavor than the standard cheddar, and it broke unevenly, while the standard cheddar slices split straight down the middle. Once I threw a burger into the mixture, however, I couldn’t tell the difference.
cheese tasting4cheese tasting3
Our final menu included the cheese tasting, roasted zucchini rounds (recipe coming later), cheddar gougeres, orzo salad with red onion and arugula (thanks Amy!), Bison Burgers, Hamburgers and hotdogs.  Jocelyn and Sarah brought the best chocolate cake I’ve had and some yummy fresh watermelon.  With so much food to pay attention to I forgot to take pictures of the party!

In the end, this taste test confirmed once again that I enjoy Sargento cheese.  However, I do wish that they sold it in blocks, since I prefer shredding or slicing my own cheese.

*"As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received  $25 to purchase Sargento and another cheese to compare it to”