The Kitchen [Next Door]

I love how easy it is to show visitors awesome Colorado sights from Denver.  In a few short days, I was able to take Melissa and Jessie to Red Rocks, Lookout Mountain, Fort Collins and Boulder. Phew! It was a busy weekend!  brown palace7

I love exploring Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall with girlfriends, since we can explore stores that I couldn’t drag Dan into with a team of horses!  Naturally, I made sure that it was on our itinerary.

We arrived early enough to wander through the Boulder farmer’s market (yum!)  After browsing the stalls and getting some serious produce envy, we decided to check out one of the local restaurants.  I’ve gone to Salt a few times but never to the Kitchen Café, which is right next door.  Jessie and Melissa’s visit was a good excuse to check out the brand new offshoot from the Kitchen, The Kitchen [next door].  The Kitchen [Next Door] is a more affordable version of The Kitchen Café with more of a diner feel to it.

The inside of the restaurant was open and casual, with a community table right inside the door and another one on the patio.  We headed for the patio and sat with a fun group of patrons who were just finishing up.  At first we were daunted by the number of tasty options on the menu, but the waitress made our appetizer and side decisions for us when she recommended the garlic smashers and the kale chips.
When the food came out (surprisingly fast), we were quite thankful we took her advice.  The kale chips were surprisingly crispy and chip-like (mine tend to be wispy and quite fragile), and they were perfectly salted.  We started in right away and finished them in minutes.  We all agreed that the garlic smashers were good as well, but they didn’t need to be fried.

For my main dish, I ordered the roast lamb sandwich with mint sauce.  The lamb was shredded, which made it much easier to eat, and topped with arugula that gave the sandwich a nice peppery finish.  I particularly enjoyed the fresh ciabatta roll.  Usually I leave some of the bun behind, but this time I cleaned my plate.
Melissa ordered the salmon salad sandwich, which she said was excellent.
Jessie ordered the grilled chicken with garlic aioli. I expected a chicken breast on a bun, but like the lamb, the chicken was shredded.  Based on Jessie’s reaction, I’ll have to try it the next time we visit.KitchenNextDoor2

We walked out of the restaurant full and happy and decided to burn off lunch with some fun window shopping.  The food was delicious, the atmosphere was fun, and the service was excellent.  We’ll definitely be back, and we’ll have to check out the real Kitchen as well.
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