Fort Collins Brewery

My friend Melissa worked at a brewery right after college.  It’s been a couple of years since then (okay, maybe more than a couple), but I knew she’d enjoy seeing some of the craft breweries that Colorado is known for.  We tried to go to New Belgium, but apparently all of the tours book up weeks in advance.  We decided to check out Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins Brewery and Avery Brewing Company instead.

We went to Odell first, which was where we took our only actual tour.  I was so impressed with how happy and friendly all of the staff were.  They treated us well from the moment we walked in the door and gave us tastes of as many beers as we wanted.  It was clear that our tour guide truly loved what she did and was excited to share her passion with us.  Unfortunately, Odell did not have any food, so when our stomachs started to rumble, we went down the street to Fort Collins Brewery and ate at their restaurant, Gravity.

At Gravity, Melissa and I decided to share a few small plates.  We started off with some beer and cheese soup.  Unfortunately, this dish was closer to the consistency of mashed potatoes than soup and it wasn’t all that flavorful. I couldn’t finish it.IMG_20110901_151054
We decided to follow the soup up with some spring rolls.  The description on the menu, “Duck confit, carrots, cabbage, ginger citrus sauce” , made my mouth water, but once again, the actual food failed to deliver.  I’m not one to turn my nose up at fried food but these were just ok. I couldn’t taste the duck at all.

After that we got some grilled flatbread with goat cheese, cherry, arugula, and sweet onion.  This was probably the best of the three dishes.  The sweet onion was the highlight of the dish, and the balsamic vinaigrette really brought out the sweetness of the cherries and the peppery flavor of the arugula.  I would have liked a bit more bite from the goat cheese.

We also got some chocolate stout bread and chocolate butter with our meal.  It tasted more like dessert than the bread you typically get with a meal, but we both enjoyed it.IMG_20110901_151106
Overall, the restaurant was ok, which, given that it was part of a brewery, is probably about as much as we could have expected. 

We finished up our day with a craft brew at Avery.  While I’ve tried quite a few of the local brews I haven’t gone on a brewery tour before.  It’s fun to learn more about the local brewing scene.  I can’t wait to try more local brews! The Fort Collins Brewery on Urbanspoon