Biker Jim’s Dogs

When my friends Melissa and Jessie came to visit for Labor Day weekend, I wanted to show them some of Denver’s amazing eateries.  Of course, we spent plenty of time at Sweet Action, but unfortunately we couldn’t have ice cream for lunch and dinner every day.IMG_20110904_144236

On our last day, we went downtown to check out the Taste of Colorado food festival.  Although we saw an ice cream eating contest, we decided after all of our trips to Sweet Action that we should probably have some non-dairy based food, and nothing at the festival was jumping out at me.  Enter Biker Jim’sDiana and Rocky Mountain Oyster both raved about it, so I figured it was a good place to try.  It wasn’t necessarily convenient to the festival, but walking there just left us with bigger appetites.

When we got there, I was immediately impressed by the menu.  Biker Jim’s does for hot dogs what a lot of restaurants have been doing for hamburgers recently.  They fancy them up and use gourmet ingredients with lots of fun toppings.  For once, I ate a hot dog and actually wanted to know what was in it.  I found myself trying to decide between a duck and cilantro hot dog and an elk dog with jalapeno and cheese.  On the recommendation of the cashier, I went with the elk and the classic topping (cream cheese and caramelized onions).   When I discovered that I could substitute fried mac n cheese for French fries on the side, I realized that I had found a happy place.
The hot dog definitely did not disappoint.  It was spicy and delicious, and I enjoyed every bite.  My only complaint was that there were so many options I didn’t get to try.  Maybe next time I will get some fried green tomatoes on the side or some charred tahini cauliflower, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying the reindeer, pheasant, and duck dogs at some point.
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