Top Family Chef

Last week my family had a little cooking competition.  My mom declared a winner before everyone left, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on whose cuisine you think reigns supreme.
blueberry cornbread4
(Keira doesn’t care, as long as she gets her daily muffin fix.  And maybe some coffee, too, while you’re at it.)
The First Contender- Goat Cheese
Melissa and John graciously accepted the challenge to cook for the first night.  Her special ingredient was goat cheese from Haystack Mountain, a local Colorado goat farm.  They came up with the following meal:

Vegetable: Salad with “fried” goat cheese rounds
goat cheese dinner3goat cheese dinner4

Entree: Sausage and Pasta with sundried tomatoes and creamy goat cheese
goat cheese dinner1goat cheese dinner5

Keira factor: She asked for goat cheese for the remainder of the trip and would even lick it off of crackers.  I think she enjoyed it.

The Second Contender-Palisade Peaches
Dan and I took night two and used Palisade Peaches as our main ingredient.  My little sister is currently a Georgia Peach, and I was delighted to hear that these peaches were more delicious than Georgia’s.

Entree: Peach and Bulgur Salad with mint and steaks with peach salsapeach dinner57

Dessert: Peach and Plum Pie
peach dinner59

Keira factor: She ate peaches and loved them and did eat some of the steak the next night, but the pepper that Dan coated the steak with made her mouth feel hot, so this entrée did not receive her vote.

The Third Contender-Make your own Pizzas
Sarah and James took the final night, which was supposed to be focused on Olathe sweet corn.  Unfortunately, we ended up eating the corn so many times over the course of the week that we were all corned out by Sarah’s night.  She decided to do make your own pizzas instead.  We loaded up with so many potential toppings that it was hard to choose the best combination.  Sarah and James suggested replacing tomato sauce with tomato paste, Melissa suggested that we add some ricotta, and I contributed some buckwheat pizza dough.  In the end, just like snowflakes, no two pizzas were alike.

Entrée: On the left, Buckwheat Pizza Crust with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and pepperoni. On the right, White Flour Pizza Crust with prosciutto, ricotta, tomato paste, mozzarella, basil and mushrooms

class pizza002ricotta pizza009

Keira Factor: Unfortunately for Keira, who loves pizza, she was already asleep and didn’t get a chance to try any. However, she did eat an entire ear of Olathe corn, so if they had stuck to the original plan they might have won this piece.

Your Turn: Which dinner would you most prefer to eat?
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(While you decide, Keira’s going to go pick some flowers )