Peach, Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini

note: More photos and recipes from the family vacation will be posted soon! Thanks for all of your comments on Top Family Chef-we had so much fun!

Dan and I were excited about a quiet weekend after a month of family events. I spent Saturday morning going through a backlog of magazines and seeing which recipes I wanted to replicate. There were too many for me to make them all.  Since I was planning to make another (two) rounds of ricotta and we’re in the middle of peach season, I decided to try out this crostini recipe from Bon Appetit first.crostini9

My decision was validated while we were shopping for the ingredients at Whole Foods.  We had selected a fresh made baguette and were at the meat counter getting the prosciutto sliced when the nice clerk asked us what we were going to make with it.  After I told them, they couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it sounded.  They were still discussing it when we came back a few minutes later.

I am happy to report that it did not disappoint. We ate all of the bread and prosciutto before our entrée had finished cooking.

Peach, Prosciutto and Ricotta Crostini
Adapted from Bon Appetit
Sliced and toasted baguette
A small bit of homemade Ricotta
A few drops of honey
One crack of freshly ground black pepper
A small piece of prosciutto
Two slices of peaches (not pictured-the peach monster struck before I could get a slice for the beauty shots!)