Pork Chops with Blue Cheese

Dan here today.  On Wednesday night, Beth and I went to a restaurant in Highlands, where I saw pork tenderloin with blue cheese on the menu.  Never one to turn down blue cheese, I jumped at the chance to order it.  Unfortunately, when the dish showed up, I could see nary a speck of blue cheese on the plate.  Perhaps some was hidden in the dressing, but I still felt cheated.  I knew I had to rectify that situation today, so with a little help from the Internet, I found a tasty recipe.  I had to venture out through the flooded streets of downtown Denver to get some chives, but the result was definitely worth it.  Without further ado, I give you pork chops stuffed with blue cheese, bacon and chives.  Or, as I like to call it, a lot of good things all in one place.  (I tried to come up with something more creative, but sadly, I seem to be running on empty).  I pulled this recipe from the Internet, but when I tried to cook it, I discovered that sticking the pork chops in the oven didn’t work very well, so I’ve changed it a bit.  Sadly, there are no pictures.  The pork chops wished to remain incognito, and also they were eaten before the camera came out.

Stuffed Blue Cheese Pork Chops
4 pork chops, butterflied
4 oz blue cheese crumbles
4 strips of bacon, fried
2 Tbsp chopped fresh chives

1.  Combine the bacon, blue cheese, and chives.  Stuff each pork chop with some of the mixture and seal, pressing the edges tightly together.

2.  Heat a skillet over medium high heat.  Cook the chops for four or five minutes a side until done.

3.  Slice into the pork chops and enjoy the blue cheese goodness.