Dan here today.  We saw this place next to Vita in Highlands where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola.  (C-o-l-a cola).   Okay, I’m done with the 1970s song lyrics now.  Beth and I went to visit Lola a few days after going to Vita. since the two restaurants are right next door to each other.  When we visited Vita, we saw that Lola was packed, and we were worried about getting a seat.  Fortunately, we got there right after a storm had rolled through and some space had opened up out on the patio.  We thought the weather would stay nice, but we proved to be bad meteorologists, as another storm rolled in right before we got our food and soaked our table (as well as refilling our water glasses for us).  Thankfully, the staff came over quickly and closed the screens so that we could eat without getting rained on.  After a brief interlude while they mopped off our table, we settled in.
Beth and I have been to four or five restaurants in Highlands now, and every one has been a bit underwhelming.  Lola was no exception.  The restaurant has a Mexican theme, and Beth ordered the Baja fish fry while I went for the achiote grilled chicken.  Both plates looked delicious, but Beth’s tasted mostly like fried, and mine didn’t have much flavor at all.  The food was fine, but for $20 a plate, we were both hoping for more.  There’s not much else to say about the restaurant.  Like Vita, this place was okay but not somewhere we’ll probably visit again.

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