Jalapeno Cheddar Fails

While a lot of my baking experiments have worked out nicely there, are a few that aren’t quite ready for prime time.  Sometimes a new recipe isn’t as awesome as I wanted it to be, like the jalapeño scones I’ll be talking about shortly.  But more often, a recipe that I have done well goes wrong the second or third time around.  I think that once I do something well, I skip crucial steps or make failed tweaks.  Today’s story is about both.  It’s always disappointing, but I can use these failures as good learning experiences.  My one question is what to do with the product that failed? I store some and throw some away, but I hate to throw away something I worked so hard on!jalapenoscone007


The inspiration for today’s failure comes from Panera.  I recently discovered their jalapeno cheddar bagel, which is delicious but unfortunately clocks in at somewhere around 400 calories.  I embarked on a plan to recreate the dish at home with fewer calories. 


My first attempt was with a jalapeno cheddar scone.  The dough was delicious, but I made the mistake of cubing the cheese instead of shredding it.  The cubes clumped in certain spots and didn’t spread out through the dough like I had hoped.jalapeno scone011


My second attempt was with jalapeno cheddar spelt bagels.  While I shredded the cheese instead of cubing it this time, using 100 percent spelt flour turned out to be a problem.  Apparently, spelt flour doesn’t hold up as well as regular flour.  I boiled half of the bagels before I realized that they were turning into flat distorted messes.  The half that I didn’t boil were puffy but super dry.  These were so ugly that I didn’t even try to photograph them, but picture a flat oddly shaped non-bagel. 


Hopefully the third time will be the charm. Any suggestion of what variation should go next?