Time to Make the Doughnuts

Dan here today.  Actually, today’s post should really be called “Time to Eat the Doughnuts.”  When Beth and I went back East, I made a couple of visits to an old friend of mine.  And by friend, I mean doughnut shoppe (which I always like to pronounce “shoppy”).
fractured prune1
Let’s take a quick trip back in time.  A few years ago, the city of Rockville, where I grew up, tore up a huge vacant lot and put in a completely new downtown, complete with suburban chic architecture and plenty of trendy upscale stores.  While many of us believed that Rockville could not support such a place and that most of the stores would quickly fold, surprisingly, we were mistaken.  One such store that has stood the test of time is the Fractured Prune, a place which serves gooey warm doughnuts with your choice of delicious, syrupy goodness on top.  Before Beth and I became culinary connoisseurs, we ate a lot of meals at the Gordon Biersch next door, and we’d pop on over to the Prune for an after-dinner treat.  I was particularly partial to the peppermint patty and French toast flavors.
fractured prune2
Well, after making a return visit, I am happy to report that the place hasn’t changed.  The doughnuts are still delicious, they’re still served fresh and piping hot, and you still have to eat them with a fork and wipe your mouth liberally afterwards.  The place also garnered the approval of my friend Jordan, a known dessert aficionado, who was in town for a race and came with me on one of my visits.
fractured prune3
In conclusion, Fractured Prune good.  Cold doughnuts bad.  Go get a hot doughnut if you live in Maryland.  And if you don’t, be sad.  (See what I did there, with the rhyming?  Still thinking about becoming a rapper one of these days.)

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