Red Hook Lobster Pound

While I ate lot of amazing food at Eat, Write, Retreat!, one of my best meals of the weekend came off the back of a truck.  After the last session on Sunday morning, we were scheduled to go to a working lunch at the DuPont Circle Farmer’s Market.  I was considering skipping out to go to Cosi for another delicious TBM (I can’t get enough), until Maisha mentioned that the Red Hook Lobster Pound would be nearby serving lobster rolls.

Once the last morning session ended, a few of us trekked over to the lobster truck, where we were pleased to discover a reasonably sized line (phew! legend has it the line can grow to longer than an hour, so we were lucky).  When I got to the front of the line, the server asked me if I wanted a Maine-style lobster roll, featuring lemon mayo, or a Connecticut-style roll, which is all butter all the time.  Who knew that Connecticut had its own style, and where was Massachusetts’ version?  (I am also thankful that I went to first grade in the state of Connecticut so that I learned to spell it correctly.  Unfortunately, college failed to teach me how to spell Massachusetts.  Thank goodness for spell check.)  Since the Maine-style seemed to be more traditional, I decided to go with that.


We patiently waited for our rolls and walked over to an open patch right outside the farmers’ market to sit down.  I met a few new bloggers during the meal, and we had a great time getting to know each other as the farmers’ market closed down around us.  Because of time constraints, we had to choose between enjoying the lobster or enjoying the farmers’ market and when it came down to it, it wasn’t a choice.  Lobster always wins in my book (except for when people put babies in lobster costumes.  Those are just disturbing).


Anyway, on to the roll.  One thing is for sure: they didn’t skimp on the lobster.
It almost exploded out of the grilled white hot dog bun.  Looking at the picture, I see that there were some greens in there, but all I remember was the lobster meat.  The lemon-mayo was so complementary that I didn’t even notice it - it served only to enhance the natural buttery lobster flavor.

Since nothing could top that, I decided to skip the afternoon session and hopped onto the Metro to go see my niece.
Even after spending several days in New England the following week, this still ranks as my best lobster experience of the trip. 

Next Up:  While the cat’s away the aero-grow will stop working.  No, that doesn’t rhyme, but our great herb growing experiment has hit a bit of a road block.

Does anyone else have issues spelling certain common words?

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