Keltic Kitchen

Ann & Fran’s Lobster Benedict was a hard act to follow. The next morning we went to the other well reviewed breakfast restaurant in the area, Keltic Kitchen.  This building was much larger than Ann & Frans’, with two separate dining rooms.  Between the conversation and the Irish music being piped in, the inside room was quite loud, so I was thankful when we were shown to the screened in porch, which was much quieter. 

Our waitress had a fabulous Irish accent and was all about the business - just what we like in a waitress.  I ordered my usual drinks (coffee and a water, although the coffee turned out to be dark colored water), and we both settled in to inspect the menu.  I still had the lobster benedict on my mind and was disappointed not to see something similar on the menu.   We did spot a seafood hash, which Dan decided to try.  The lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes caught my eye, so I went with them. Once again, I won the food ordering contest.

The pancakes were delicious!  The edge of each pancake was crispy from the butter, while the center was delightfully doughy and not too sweet. The blueberries popped in my mouth, and the lemon ricotta spread on top was so good that I decided right away to make it at home at some point.  I’m not quite sure what was in it, but I think it was ricotta, sugar and lemon zest/juice.  I greedily ate one of the pancakes in record time and kept eyeing the other one, which I had promised Dan.IMG_20110527_075714

As for the hash, to be honest, we don’t order it very often, if ever, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.   It smelled extremely fishy, though, and I knew something was wrong when Dan stopped eating less than half way through the plate.  I gave it a taste and couldn’t get past the red pepper – it overwhelmed everything else in the dish.   I could also smell the fish more than taste it.  The scrambled eggs and home fries on the side were good, but overall, the dish was a disappointment.  IMG_20110527_075708

In the end, I’m glad we shared our meals so that I was able to taste both, but I wouldn’t get the hash again.  The pancakes, on the other hand, I would eat every day.  If you happen to find yourself on the Cape, it’s definitely worth stopping by this place, but don’t be tempted by their seafood offerings.  Stick with the pancakes instead.
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