After Eat, Write, Retreat! Dan and I drove down to Williamsburg to see my sister’s family.  Our niece, Keira, shows great athletic potential, and Dan decided she should start her training early.  After all, she’s getting a little bit old to become a gymnast.

Any good athlete knows to incorporate stretching into the workout, so Dan tried to get her started with a few simples moves.  She did pretty well with downward dog, but couldn’t stop giggling, so I think she needs to work on her focus.


From there it was on to a game of catch to test Keira’s hand-eye coordination.  The result:  it appears she doesn’t have much.   The balls kept bouncing off her and onto the floor.  Maybe she needs to wear a velcro suit.


After her training with the ball, it seemed unlikely that she could juggle, but she tried anyway after Dan showed her how.  She didn’t quite get all of the details, but she has definitely mastered the “hold one ball high in the air” move.


Then it was time for some cardio.  The family room was a perfect track for a 20-month old.  However, instead of running forward, Keira took to running in circles.  And by running, I mean spinning.  Good thing she’s still in a diaper so she has some cushion when she falls, although Dan tried his best to prevent that from happening.


It’s important to keep those muscles fueled when you’re working out hard, and bananas can be a good source of energy.  Keira was particularly good at this part.  Next, on to the protein shake.  Well, maybe not for a few years.


All in all, I think Keira shows promise as an athlete, although she’ll have to keep working on her form before she can make it to the big time.