A Day at the Beach

Dan and I met on, and while I barely remember anything about his profile, he still quotes mine occasionally.  In particular, he likes to remind me that I said I loved dive bars and then point out that we haven’t actually been to one in the five and a half years we’ve been together.  He also says that I just claimed to like the Red Sox because of the pink hats, but I strongly disagree with him there.  I actually said that because I wanted boys to think I was sporty.

Thankfully, Dan can no longer hold this over my head (although I’m sure he will), as we finally visited a dive bar in Williamsburg. While we were there, we went with my sister to a small beach near her place and had lunch at a dive bar next to the water, but more on that later.  We started the morning off by watching Keira explore the beach.  She discovered some exotic flowers,


learned how to throw rocks into the water (or at least in the general direction of the water, depending on your arm strength),


and made sand birthday cakes (not the best cake I’ve ever tasted but it’s the thought that counts).


Keira had moved on from cake baking and was attempting to dig to China when the storm clouds started rolling in.  We decided to take cover at the Yorktown Pub across the street.  Dan’s inexperience with babies showed when he held her like she had an exploded diaper as he carried her across the street.


Melissa and John had told us about Yorktown Pub’s crab cakes, and since we hadn’t had any seafood yet at this point, I was dying to try them.  My cake was stuffed with large pieces of crab and barely any filler.  It was incredibly delicious and definitely satisfied my need for Mid-Atlantic crabs!  The fries, on the other hand, were a waste of space, but the crab cake was so good that I didn’t mind.

yorktown pub-137

Unfortunately, Dan was not as happy with his choice.  He had been looking forward to eating oysters and jumped at the chance to order them when he saw them on the menu.  They probably would have been tasty, too, if they had been properly cooked, but apparently they had been burned in the kitchen, which overwhelmed their flavor.  Thankfully, he satisfied his craving for fried oysters a few days later. 

yorktown pub-136
Keira, on the other hand, decided to go for the chicken fingers with a side of ketchup, which turned into ketchup with a side of chicken fingers.  Fortunately, napkins were plentiful. 

With Dan’s first dive bar experience complete, it was time to take Keira home for her nap.  She tried to start her nap in the car, but my valiant efforts kept her awake until we got home, at which point she passed out for several hours.  She really needs to party a little less.