The Cape Cod Creamery

Dan here today.  What would a trip to the beach be without a stop at an ice cream parlor.  (I’m planning to bring the word “parlor” back into style, one blog post at a time.)  Back when I was knee high to a grasshopper, my family used to go to Bethany Beach in Delaware, and one of my favorite things to do, besides chow down on cheesesteaks at the Surf’s Up sub shop, was get ice cream and walk down the boardwalk.  Cape Cod didn’t have a boardwalk, but Beth and I continued the tradition as best we could.
Since it was just a mile or so down the main road from our hotel, we decided to check out the Cape Cod Creamery.  The shop was in a building that might actually have been a Cape Cod (if I knew anything about housing floor plans), with a bunch of   wooden deck chairs on the front porch that appeared to have been painted in University of Michigan colors (Beth here: go blue!).  As we walked up the ramp to the entrance, we saw a notice asking customers’ patience when the lines stretched out into the parking lot.  Fortunately, we were there just before peak season started, so we didn’t have to worry about that.  In fact, when we walked in, we discovered that we were the only ones in the store.
Laid back, with my mind on my cone and my cone on my mind

After we perused the menu for a few minutes, Beth decided to get a scoop of caramel crunch, and I settled on almond joy.  We walked out of the store with our purchases and sat on the deck to eat them, while we enjoyed the grey, foggy weather.  (We didn’t see the sun very much while we were out there).  And now for the answer to the question you’ve probably all been asking (well, the two of you who read this blog and are not my mom): was it better than Sweet Action.  Being the political individual that I am, I’m going to hedge here.  Sweet Action is very good at coming up with exotic and surprising flavors that are both sophisticated and delicious.  The flavors at Cape Cod Creamery were much simpler, but they delivered plenty of summery, creamy goodness.  I particularly enjoyed the coconut in my cone.  In fact, we both liked the place so much that we made one last stop there on our way out of town for seconds.

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