whole wheat?

This past weekend was the first time in recent memory that I didn’t make anything.  The busy season at work just ended and I was pooped!  I spent most of the weekend in a half awake, half asleep daze, with a brief interruption on Sunday morning to help out Amy and Jordan at the Littlefoot Triathlon.  It was pretty impressive how many racers showed up despite the miserable weather.  (I thought just above freezing temperatures were supposed to be long gone by now!)
Thankfully, I have some recipes/pictures from a less crazy time to share with you all!  Last winter, in the middle of my baking craze, I started making my dishes healthier (at least in theory) by adding in whole grains and reducing the sugar. 
I made a few “whole wheat” dishes but I was disappointed that many recipes suggest only replacing a third of the flour with whole wheat flour.

I know there are other ways to make whole grain bread, but I’m not sure what they are.  What is your favorite whole grain bread recipe?  If you have a suggestion, leave a link in the comments and let me know.   Now that work is getting easier I hope to start my experiments again!