Gone Fishin'

You may have noticed that the blog has been silent this week.  Dan and I are on one of our epic (no, really, it actually is epic) East Coast trips.  For some reason, we can never seem to take a trip back East without hitting at least three different states.  Last Thursday we kicked off our journey with a flight from Denver to DC.  Unfortunately, Denver suddenly turned into Seattle right before we left, and our flight was delayed by bad weather.  We stumbled into the in-laws' house at 3 in the morning, then headed up to Baltimore the next day to meet my sister-in-law-to-be and eat uncomfortable amounts of meat at Fogo de Chao.  After that it was back down to DC for Eat, Write, Retreat (which was awesome!) then on to Williamsburg to hang out with my 20-month-old niece.  She may need to learn a little about personal space before she heads out into the world, because she has a tendency to hug anyone in sight (she even tried, unsuccessfully, to hug the seagulls we encountered at the beach).

From there, it was back up to DC for a night, then off to Boston and out to Cape Cod, where we're relaxing for a few days before a wedding.  Our hotel is right on the beach, so we've been taking a lot of nice walks.  I've also made sure that we have at least one form of shellfish with every meal (we even had lobster benedict for breakfast, which you'll hear about later!)  In our spare time, Dan and I have been having a little mini golf showdown.  So far we've each won one game, so tomorrow we'll decide the championship of the world.  Then it's off to see Paul and Gail and reunite with the Prep Crew, before finally heading home to the mountains.  We may need an additional vacation after this vacation.