Feeling Dippy

I still remember moving into college my freshman year (a college I picked mainly because it was close to the beach, I might add).  I was hundreds of miles away from my family, and I didn’t know a soul.  Yet somehow, through the miracle of random dorm assignments (or maybe just the miracle of college), I found myself in a hallway with a bunch of people who became great friends.  We all went our separate ways after college, but five of us have collected in Denver over the past few years.  blue cheese dip4
My old next door neighbor, Sarah, is about to have her first baby and we all got together with her friends and family last weekend for her baby shower.  I offered to make something, and her mom suggested a blue cheese dip.  I can’t remember the last time (if ever) that I’ve made a dip (other than pimento cheese) and so I searched the webs and realized two things. First, every recipe calls for mayo, and second, many chefs think I’m capable of eyeballing portions for dips (they are wrong).

This is how I ended up with a vat of blue cheese dressing.  We barely made a dent at the shower, so I still had most of a vat when I got home.  Since I couldn’t imagine eating blue cheese dressing for the next month straight, I had to let it go.

Do you have a go-to dip recipe?  I’d love to have a tried and true recipe to trot out next time!