El Diablo

Dan here today.  As promised, today I’ll be reviewing El Diablo, the restaurant where we were eating last week when we had our encounter with the Food Network.  Our friends Jordan and Amy are big fans of D’Corazon and Chipotle, so when I was searching for places for us to go, I knew I wanted to find an affordable Mexican restaurant.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I discovered El Diablo was just such a place, and it had the advantage of being relatively convenient for them and walking distance for us.

When we walked in, two security types stopped us to check our IDs.  Then they gave us exactly the same type of wristbands that they use at triathlons to govern access to the transition area.  I felt a little bit like I should be racking my bike and going back to my hotel to sleep.

This is Beth’s big appetizer.  The many ingredients make it confusing, but I’m pretty sure this was the quesadilla.

Inside, it was lively and loud, but somehow we were still able to hear each other pretty well at our table.  Beth immediately ordered a mojito, which she enjoyed immensely.  I’m not much for drinks of any kind, but the one sip I had tasted pretty good.  After scanning the menu, I decided to order the lamb tacos, and Beth went with two appetizers: a tamal and a quesadilla.  When everything came out, the appetizers turned out to be bigger than my entrée, so I wound up having to help her with them.  All in all, everything was pretty good, although it suffered a little bit from too many ingredients syndrome, and one of the salsas was excessively spicy (I guess that’s where “El Diablo” comes from.  The price for the meals was great – both were right around $10 - but unfortunately the drinks were quite expensive, so the evening didn’t wind up being as affordable as I’d hoped.  Of course, I guess drinks are expensive anywhere you go.  Overall, I’d give the place an official “meh”.  The food was decent and reasonably priced, and it was a good place to meet up with friends, but I don’t necessarily need to go back.

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