Couscous, Beans and Mushrooms

Last week’s couscous lunch was such a winner that I decided to make something similar this week.  Unfortunately, none of the variations I could find on the Internet met all of my requirements: protein, vegetables, and cheese.  I finally decided just to stick to the original recipe but replace asparagus with green beans.  I also used peanut oil in place of olive oil due to the Great MacKenzie Olive Oil Shortage of 2011.  Other than that, everything was the same, except that I didn’t cook the prosciutto to keep it pretty and pink for the pictures.
mushroom bean couscous17
The thing that I love most about this recipe is that the flavors of the individual ingredients are so different, yet they still go together well when combined.  Since I also made another recipe that I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow, I decided that this week I would let Dan eat some (He’s been forgetting to eat lunch some days).  I’m looking forward to enjoying this lunch for another week.
mushroom bean couscous19