Happy Birthday Beth

Dan here today.  Today is Beth’s birthday.  She’s been very excited about it since November, because apparently there’s been some kind of countdown clock going.  Also, it seems that all of England spontaneously decided to celebrate.  She’s feeling pretty special.


In honor of her birthday, I had planned a post in which I was going to post a photo of her birth certificate to clear up all the controversy about whether or not she was actually a U.S. citizen.  Then I realized that posting a photo of one’s birth certificate on the Internet was probably a very stupid thing to do, so I decided against it.  But I can assure you that Beth does indeed have a birth certificate.  And it shows she was born in the United States... on April 29…hard to say what year, though.  Let’s call it 1990.  Happy 21st birthday Beth!  Be sure to drink responsibly.