Dan here today.  Today I figured I’d write about one of our favorite TV shows.  Actually, I don’t like the show all that much, although I’ll watch it when it’s on.  Instead, I’d like to talk about the restaurant of the same name.  Beth and I had been eyeing it for awhile, since it was one of Denver celebrity chef Frank Bonnano’s restaurants, but we had refrained from going due to my tenuous relationship with Asian flavors.  On Monday, though, I looked at the menu, saw a couple of things I might like, and decided to make a reservation.

Beth and I showed up at our usual senior citizen time of just-before-six and were quickly shown to a table.  The interior of the restaurant was pretty small and, with the kitchen and service counter dominating one side of the room, gave something of the impression of a fancy diner.  We decided to start with some duck sausage eggrolls, which caught Beth’s eye from the appetizer menu.  They showed up quickly and we dug in.  The eggrolls were delicious.  The outside was crispy and tasted like fried, which is always a good sign for an eggroll, and the duck made the filling slightly sweet, although not so much as to be overwhelming.  We were a little bit sad there were only three of them.
After the appetizer, we moved on to noodle bowls for the main course.  I ordered rice noodles with oyster mushrooms, scallops, and shrimp, while Beth ordered udon noodles with pork shoulder and a plum soy sauce.  After finishing my bowl and helping Beth with part of hers, I can say that both bowls were okay but not amazing.  First of all, there just wasn’t enough of the advertised ingredients in the dishes.  I got two or three small scallops and a couple of chunks of shrimp, but I couldn’t find any of the oyster mushrooms I had been looking forward to. 
There didn’t seem to be enough of Beth’s shredded pork shoulder either, and what there was seemed to virtually disintegrate in the broth.  I know extreme tenderness is a mark of well-cooked pork, but I wanted the pork shoulder to be a bit chunkier and easier to eat. 
The second problem was that the broth was almost overwhelmingly salty.  I didn’t notice this as much with my dish, but when I moved to finish Beth’s, I had to stop after awhile because it was just too salty.  We decided to go to Sweet Action for a palate cleanser.  Overall, while the appetizer was good, this restaurant just didn’t live up to the hype for us.

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